imageI am dedicated to giving you the massage that you need and deserve. I provide client assessment  tailored to your unique circumstances.  In a massage session I combine several different techniques including Myofascial release, energy therapies and neuro-muscular techniques.  I don't simply address your muscles, I take pride in addressing all muscles in specific groups, so you walk away with the best possible massage.  I am a Deep-Tissue/ Neuro- muscular specialist....I can relax your muscles and help alleviate some of your pain.. Whether you have a injury.... Become  sore from new exercises... or live with chronic pain....I can and will help.  I also can give a relaxing swedish or aromatic massage if you desire to reduce your stress levels and melt away your tension.

 **Everyone is good at something. ...I truly believe I have found my calling.... and I intend to give the best massage every day, Every time....... Lynette Zumo LMT    

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